Tuesday, September 20, 2011

29 - Afterpains

- Afterpains are vigorous uterine contractions that arise at intervals during puerperium. 

- These are mostly seen in multiparas when compared to primiparas. 

- This is because the puerperal uterus of primiparas remains tonically contracted.

- These afterpains increase in severity as parity increases.

- They tend to worsen when the infant feeds on the mother's breast because of release of oxytocin, which increases the uterine contraction.

- By the third postpartum day, these afterpains decrease in severity and become mild.

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Tim Wilson said...

I just wanted to leave a little comment and thank you for your blog! My wife and I have sure learned a lot from your blog with our first kid. It has been an emotional and stressful journey but all is well and we have you to thank! I just wanted to know where you learned about all of this obstetrics and what not. Just through personal experience? Well Thanks for your time and again, thanks for doing all you do!

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